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Working Directions offers mobile & remote counselling specialising in

Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment & Counselling


Mobile Counselling to Home/ Hospital / Work Place


Remote Counselling through Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Mobile Telephone, Skype

Walk & Talk Therapy - Merewether Beach


Counselling in the areas of:

* Workers Compensation Injuries

* Cancer Diagnosis

* Trauma

* Crisis

* Pain Management

* Adjustment to injury/ Disability

* Body Image

* Sexual Issues

* Gender Issues

* Relationships

* Children/ Teens

Assessment | Medical Management | Research & Analysis | Personal Injury | Workers Comp | CTP | Military Rehab | ComCare | Injury Management | New Employer Services


Please complete referral form here and Martine will follow up approval with CTP Insurer.



Vocational Rehabilitation
- Workers Compensation - CTP -
- DVA - Personal Income Protection -

For Medical Doctors and Allied Health Practitioners & Solicitors/ Lawyers:

Your patient/ client with a NSW CTP claim is entitled to Rehabilitation Provider Services under SIRA to assist them in their recovery with:

  • assessing or reviewing the injured person’s rehabilitation needs

  • recommending or planning for appropriate services for the injured person

  • assisting the injured person to identify and achieve their goals

  • empowering the injured person to manage their injury and recovery

  • linking the injured person to the services they need

  • facilitating communication between all parties involved in the injured person’s rehabilitation

  • supporting the injured person to stay at work or return to work while they recover

  • helping the injured person to maintain or recommence usual home and community activities

  • monitoring the appropriateness and progress of services being provided.



Is your Patient/ Client requiring support at work?

As a workplace rehabilitation provider, Martine can assist your Patient/ Client to recover at work by designing a plan after consulting with you, their employer, their medical team and the insurer.

As a Rehabilitation Counsellors the following can be undertaken to progress recovery and return to work:

  • assess the workplace and review duties

  • identify ways to help recovery at work

  • advise about work options if recovery at work with the pre-injury employer is difficult.


Please complete referral form here and Martine will follow up approval with CTP Insurer.



Job seeking skills and training

Does your Patient/ Client require assistance with Job Seeking Skills Training & Support?

Whether your Patient/ Client is located in a town near Newcastle/ Hunter Valley or Central Coast NSW, or rural NSW, they can participate in weekly Job Seeking Skills Training & Support Sessions in person or via Skype/ Zoom to progress their journey into new employment.


Preferably, a Vocational Assessment with Doctor endorsement of the vocational goals is required to commence any job-seeking support with the following services provided:

  • Professional CV /Resume and Cover Letter / Letter of Introduction / Application development

  • Developing Job Seeking Goals

  • Support in the application process

  • Identifying potential employment opportunities

  • Registering with Online Employment Sites

  • Registering with Employment Agencies and Labour Hire Companies

  • Injury Disclosure

  • SIRA Vocational and Incentive Programs

  • Interviewing Training and Mock Interviews

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