Martine Boughton
Founder and Counsellor

A busy mum with, on the last count, five different school drop-offs, Martine and her cartoonist husband, Brett, love bringing up their kiddies in Newcastle with a real focus on beach life. You won’t remember Martine as Olympic swimming potential, and she’s now the forgotten face of Jeanswest from the 1980s. She hung up the goggles and catwalk, determined to ‘get a proper job’, finding early the area of vocational rehabilitation, specialising in injury management for more than 20 years now.


Martine began writing a Canberra City News column in the 1990s - a Dr Phil piece before Dr Phil was Dr Phil. Some just might recall her as co-founder of Dragons Abreast, as well as a media representative for Breast Cancer Network Australia after an unfortunate brush with the disease at just 24 years old. More than likely you know Martine as a presenter on local radio FM97.3 and New2uw, sports commentator, a passionate community advocate, and also recognise her voice from various commercials. 


I feel strongly my professional role in mental health and public profile as a radio host demands that I require of community leaders to listen, consider, collaborate and act. I relish my role in the Polly Waffle program, providing a forum for working on solutions, irrespective of political party leaning.

Everyone has a story. Not everyone believes this, so I delight in finding a story that has been lost, forgotten or discarded and empowering the owner to build or even re-build as a determined author. My favourite stories are often those told after the interview when the mic is off. 

My rocking’ Dad inspired exploration of all things music, arts, sports, dance and culture all over our fantastic planet. My mission is to pass this magic to my own kiddies, acknowledging the amazing local talent and muse in our amazing region. I revel in being able to do this in my radio programs.”

Martine is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 20 years experience specialising in personal injury as a Treatment and Rehabilitation Provider, in management roles as well as Injury Management Advisor in the worker's compensation & CTP schemes with many years experience with Defence and Personal Income Protection Insurance. Martine particularly enjoys assisting those injured explore new employment opportunities offering dynamic and motivational Vocational Assessment.


Martine is Full Member with ASORC, ACA and Comcare.


Martine was Finalist for Citizen of the Year LMCC 2019 & Local International Woman of the Year 2019 2NUR for her community advocacy for her radio shows on FM97.3 & New2uw networking listeners with access to various organisations in the locale to connect and upskill the region. After a recent bout with Breast Cancer, Martine recently swam the Newcastle Harbour in January 2020, raising money for a group she co-founded 20 years ago -Dragons ABreast.