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Specialising in WorkCover/ SIRA Workers Compensation Counselling





Mobile Counselling to Home/ Hospital

Walk & Talk Therapy by

Merewether Beach


Counselling in the areas of:

* Worker's Compensation injuries

* Cancer Diagnosis

* Trauma

* Crisis

* Pain Management

* Adjustment to injury/ Disability

* Body Image

* Sexual Issues

* Gender Issues

* Relationships

* Children/ Teens

Accredited Rehab Provider with:



SIRA/ WorkCover


Working with NSW WorkCover, SIRA, Agents, Lawyers, Doctors, Treatment Providers and Workers to assist with navigating personal injury claims

* * Chilr


Martine is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 25 years experience specialising in personal injury as a Treatment and Rehabilitation Provider, in management roles as well as Injury Management Advisor in the worker's compensation & CTP schemes with many years experience with Defence and Personal Income Protection Insurance. Martine particularly enjoys assisting those injured explore new employment opportunities offering dynamic and motivational Vocational Assessment.


Martine is Full Member with ASORC, ACA and Comcare.


Martine was Finalist for Citizen of the Year LMCC 2019 & Local International Woman of the Year 2019 2NUR for her community advocacy for her radio shows on FM97.3 & New2uw networking listeners with access to various organisations in the locale to connect and upskill the region. After a recent bout with Breast Cancer, Martine recently swam the Newcastle Harbour in January 2020, raising money for a group she co-founded 20 years ago - Dragons ABreast.

After a subsequent breast cancer diagnosis and further treatment, MArtine again swam The Newcastle HArbour 2023 raising money this time for Go Your Back Sista.


Martine has 3 kiddies and loves the beach lifestyle of Newcastle NSW.




Simply List on the Certificate of Capacity referral for Counselling - Martine Boughton

And we will follow up approval and commence!

Otherwise... Please fill in the client referral form to let us know a bit about you, your presenting condition and how we can help.

We will then organise an appointment for your initial consultation and work with you on the best way forward.

As a claimant under Worker's Compenation/ CTP / Personal Income Protection or DVA, you may have services funded under these schemes and Working Directions can explore this on you behalf with a referral from your doctor and discussion with your insurer with your claim number.


As a Private Patient, your Private Health Fund may cover costs.


Payment Plans are always considred


Pay Rates are based on Australian Counselling Association (ACA) .



Mobile counselling and coaching. Assisting you to navigate personal insurance injury workers compensation CTP/ Motor vehicle accidents.

Working Directions is lead by Martine Boughton, who has been specialising in injury management for 25 years. Martine was Nominated as Lake Mac Citizen 2019 for her significant community contribution.



Martine Boughton

Founder & Counsellor 

Newcastle NSW

0418 626 790

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